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The Combine Is a Conference For Indiana Innovators

by on 03/24/2015 The Combine is an annual conference on entrepreneurship and innovation in Bloomington, IN.

About Centric

Centric actively recognizes stories of successful innovation, increases members’ access to knowledge, skill sets, and resources, and strives to improve the success rate of innovation in Indianapolis. We’re building a thriving, local innovation network because we want to drive recognition of our city as a global innovation center.

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To win or not to lose? The power of loss aversion.

10/13/2014 Because we feel the disadvantages of risky decisions (losses) more intensely than the advantages (gains or wins), we see risky moves as bad ideas.

2015 February Innovation Lunch

Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 11:00 am Join Centric on February 27 for the second event of our 2015 Innovation Season.

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Edwin: The World's Most Innovative Rubber Duck

by on 03/18/2015 pi lab shares about its product Edwin the Duck and how they are creating an entirely new category in the toy market.

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Introducing the Innovation Ambassador Program

by on 03/10/2015 The Innovation Ambassador Program allows innovative-minded students to connect with the Centric community.

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